Gimp 1.0

(artwork by Tuomas Kuosmanen)

Call for Submissions: Gimp 1.0 CD

The Gimp 1.0 CD is about to be pressed, and we are actively seeking contributions. If you've got cool artworks, backgrounds, photographs, icons, or other images, and you'd like them to be on the CD, please let us know - send mail to

All submissions on the CD have to be freely redistributable. However, you have a choice of whatever license you like. To make life easier, we've prepared a very unrestrictive Free Artwork License and a somewhat more restrictive Non-Commercial Artwork License, the latter loosely based on the GPL, but adapted to artworks.

Remember, you can preorder the GIMP CD for a 20% discount until it's actually available.

A moderately up-to-date listing of what's on the current prerelease draft of the CD is available.

For more information about the Gimp:
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