Gzilla is a web browser written in the Gtk+ framework. It's still in early alpha, but you might have fun playing with it anyway.

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16 Aug 1999
Special request! Anyone who gets Gzilla to compile on a system other than Linux/x86, will you please send us dynamic or static (preferably both) binaries? All I have is a Linux/x86 system, but I'd like to get binaries out to a wider audience, with your help. You can send the files to my FTP dropbox (ftp://ftp.pconline.com/users/reid/incoming) and then let me know via email that they're there. Thanks. :)

28 Jul 1999
Thanks to the people (especially Joshua Go) at VA Research and at The Open Projects Network, Gzilla has a mailing list for developers and users! Cool.

17 Jul 1999
Christopher Reid Palmer <chrisp@innerFireWorks.com> has taken over maintainership of the project, with Raph Levien's approval and help. :) (Thanks Raph!) Development will ramp up in the coming months, and Gzilla will become more sophisticated and capable. The goal is to have a beta version by 1 September. Grab the new source tarball!


Gzilla exists in two forms right now: stable and unstable (development). The stable versions have an even number as their minor revision (e.g., 0.2.1) and the unstable versions have an odd number (e.g., 0.3.4). Those interested simply in using Gzilla are advised to use the latest stable release -- it stays up longer. :) Those interested in developing Gzilla should patch against the unstable source.

You can get the latest source release as a compressed archive (.tar.gz), or you can do an anonymous CVS checkout from cvs.GNOME.org (stable tree only).

System Requirements

You'll need the following software components to run Gzilla:

  1. A working implementation of the X Window System. X can run on various flavors of Unix, OS/2, NEXTSTEP, and probably some others I don't know about.

  2. The GIMP Toolkit (version >=1.2), which is a toolkit library for X. Gzilla is built on top of GTK+.

GTK+ has been ported to Win32, which means someday (maybe already?), you will be able to switch the X Window System requirement with Microsoft Windows 95 (or better), which would be pretty cool. If anyone tries compiling Gzilla under Win32 with GTK+, let me know!

Release Notes

Version 0.2.1 (23 Jul 1999)


Buttons have pixmaps now! Thanks go to Christoph Thompson and Tomas Ögren. They also reorganized the source tree.

Fixed the hardcoding of my bookmarks file path. :D Gotta work towards a module for globablly defining user preferences.

Okay, this time it's really in CVS now.

Version 0.2.0 (18 Jul 1999)


Restructured menus, with new menu items hinting at future functionality. :) More to come in v0.2.x (this week and next).

Made a quick fix to bug where if ~/.gzilla existed but was not a directory, it gets whacked and a directory made.

See the TODO file! :)

Version 0.1.7 (20 Dec 1998)


Mostly, this version just compiles with Gtk+ 1.0.x and Gtk 1.1.x. There are a number of memory leaks and speed deficiencies. But you can browse the web with it! Fixed a bug in dns that was getting triggered in Gtk 1.1.x. Added "about:" handler.

Version 0.1.5 (2 Jan 1998)

Better stability.

The transition to Gzw (the Gzilla Widget framework) is more or less complete, including images now.

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