OFL fonts

These are the fonts that I'm working on that are licensed under the SIL's Open Font License.

Here are the fonts I'm currently working on. Some of them are very incomplete or rough, especially in spacing and fit. In most cases, I've posted a PDF file so you can zoom in and see the letters up close, and also a FontForge SFD file so you can play with the outlines yourself. I'm always open to criticism and encouragement, so drop me a note (firstname.lastname@gmail.com is most likely to be read).

Nearly complete

Century Catalogue

This font is currently the closest to release, with a decent glyph complement. It's a straightforward revival of a somewhat forgotten, but handsome and utilitarian, font from the ATF collection. It's obviously very similar to the familiar Century Oldstyle, but with more refined proportions and stroke. This version is based on the 18pt from the 1923 catalog.

[ FontForge source | PostScript font file | PDF showing ]

14 Mar 2007: This font is also one of the three adapted and released to promote the use of the new Dutch irony mark designed by Underware.



This monospaced font design has its own page.

Rough drafts


See the Museum page for the interim release of Museum, my scholarly digitization of the original metal Centaur fonts.

Typo Script

Math typesetting requires an ornate capital script font for symbols such as script-H (Hilbert space), script-P (powerset), and so on. The most commonly used such font in TeX is rsfs (Ralph Smith's Formal Script), which is based on the classic ATF Typo Script. Many of the ATF script fonts have been professionally digitized, but not this one.

The lines of my Typo Script digitization are much more delicate and refined, largely because they're based on the 18pt metal, while rsfs is designed for a 10pt normal and 7pt subscript size. Thus, this draft can't really be used as a drop-in replacement, as the hairlines will simply be too light to reproduce well. At some point, I'll get my digital adaptation of the ATF optical scaling technology working, and will then be able to produce more robust versions suitable for use in text-sized mathematical setting.

I may also use this font as an experiment in licensing. I plan to release the "basic" version with caps, digits, punctuation, and unconnected lowercase freely under the OFL (this will include the optically scaled variants as well). I also hope to develop a carefully made connected script which uses OpenType contextual alternates to achieve flowing connectedness, and this version will likely be offered commercially.

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